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a Ride to A ride Tilari Dam & TIllar View Point

a Ride to A ride Tilari Dam & TIllar View Point

A ride to Tilari Dam & TIllar View Point  : by Nomad Pushpinder Singh

Tilari (Forebay) Dam is situated in Dodamarg Taluka, in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the largest one is situated in Chandgad taluk of Kolhapur District in Maharashtra and is constructed on Tilari River as the result of a joint project by the Maharashtra and Goa governments. The water from this dam is distributed to both states. The dam is located near the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka and necessitated the relocation of several villages in the area. There are many reservoirs. The largest one is located near Belgaum in a village named Hajgoli in Maharashtra. The village is approximately 30 km from Belgaum and is a weekend spot for the people of that town.

Tilari View point :   A beautiful place on the panji Belgaon road. But road from panji to goa is very bad and very steep. Very difficult for drivers who have less experience. Too many hair pin bends and very steep. But once u r on the top you get a very good view of the valley. No trucks go this way since it’s very steep only cars.,

This is one of the best ecstatic scenic, striking, spectacular, breathtaking beautiful valley views, it is serene, tranquil, peaceful, undisturbed, placid, chilled, relaxing, soothing viewpoint contains green meadows, pastures, from the hill you will get the best view in India, don’t miss it at all costs, come to this place in rainy and winter season u will enjoy the meadows, hills, fog, plains, mostly the beauty of the real nature, it’s like heaven on the earth, reach the place from goa if ur coming from southern parts of India, else u can reach it on the way to goa from northern parts, all the best enjoy the Gods own creation.


A road towards Tilari

Tillari Dam

Yours Truly

Tillari Dam

Road Going towards View Point

View Point


Resting after a high climb


Mesmerizing View

A Road Less travelled

Beautiful creation by God

Serine road

No traffic means more enjoyable journey


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  • Rhythm sharma August 24, 2023 9:33 am

    Ride is always amazing when you have a Companion like (RE)..
    Moreover, All the tiredness vanishes itself once you got such a wonderfull landscapes..
    Keep Riding, Happy Trails 🤘

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