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“Universal Brotherhood for our Bikers is our Most Precious Possession .”

4X4 Partner

Punjab Jeep Club

Punjabb Jeep Club, where adventure meets responsibility!

Office Bearers Of P.J.C

Vinayak Khanna

General Secretary PJC

Mr Vinayak is a avid Offroader | Traveller | Adventurer I Rider I & also Member of Nomads on Wheels

Ram Sharma

Treasurer PJC

Mr Ram Sharma Loves photography, traveling, off-roading & riding . He is also official member of Nomads on Wheels

About PJC

Punjabb Jeep Club, where adventure meets responsibility!

Punjabb Jeep Club (PJC) is not just your average offroading group; we’re a limited club comprised of high-performing individuals from various professions such as doctors, advocates, and renowned industrialists from Ludhiana, Punjab, and beyond. Our exclusive membership ensures that every adventure is filled with camaraderie and shared passion for exploration.

Led by our dedicated founder members, PJC is committed to curating unforgettable adventures while prioritizing safety and responsibility. Our curated tours and expeditions are organized by the members, for the members. While we occasionally welcome non-members as guests of existing members, our primary focus is on creating a controlled and secure environment for our members and their families.

This exclusive approach ensures that all members feel confident and secure, knowing that their loved ones are in the company of like-minded individuals and experiencing adventures in a controlled group setting. From exhilarating expeditions to serene family-friendly tours, we offer something for everyone in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

At Punjabb Jeep Club, we believe in promoting road safety and responsible driving practices, both on and off the trails. Our commitment to safety extends to every aspect of our adventures, ensuring that every member can enjoy the thrill of offroading with peace of mind.

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Shoot & Clicks Partner

Amaze Pictures


Amaze picture where excellence meets with perfection. As its Name Says Its expert brand name in amazing Shoots & clicks

About Amaze Pictures

Rajeev Kashyap


Rajeev is a CEO of Amaze pictures. He is one of ace & professional photographer of Ludhiana city. he Loves travelling , adventure & a hard core Rider.

Rajeev Born & brought up in Ludhiana (Punjab, India), Rajeev Kashyap is a devoted photographer. He began his journey of art about 15 years back as an assistant of a commercial photographer. Due to his inborn talent & hard work, he soon established himself as an independent photo artist.
Appetite towards Bike Ride provided him the opportunity to organise many Road trips with iconic Bike Riders.
And to shoot those adventures was cherry on the cake for this photographer.

Today he is a popular photo artist of his town.
Rajeev regularly participates in the competitions of art photography for his delight. He has a number of awards and recognitions to his credit

Clicks by Amaze Pictures
Performance Partner

Castrol India

Automobiles Lube Company

Castrol India is official Punjab Partner in collaboration with Nomads on Wheels Riding Club Ludhiana