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Ride to Gokat Falls

Ride to Gokat Falls

A Photo Log by Pushpinder Singh

About Gotak Falls :

Gokak Falls is 6 km away from Gokak town and gets its name from the Goki trees found in abundance in these areas. It resembles the Niagara Falls due to its features like the fall, shape etc. Here, River Ghataprabha takes a leap of 52 metres over the sand-stone cliff amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley, making a beautiful sight. This place has the credit of generating electricity for the first time in the country in about 1887. A prime attraction of the Gokak Falls is the hanging 200-m-long bridge that lies 14 m above the bedrock. Tourists can also visit monuments on both sides of the rocky gorge which include temples of Goddess Durga, Lord Shanmukha and Lord Mahalingeshwara built in the traditional Chalukyan style of architecture.

Reasons to visit Gokak Falls:

  • Hanging Bridge: Built across the river, 200 meters long, gives an elevated view of the falls.
  • Lord Mahalingeshwara Temple, built-in Chalukya style architecture.
  • Kemple Park botanical gardens
  • Yogi Kolla hiking: A popular trekking destination 3 kms from the falls.
  • Mallaprabha Boating: Boating options in Markandeya river, 8 kms from the Falls
  • More temples: such as Yogikolla Mallikarjuna Temple, Kariyamma Temple, Laxmi Temple, Hanuman Temple n more.

Nearby:  Godachinmalki waterfalls (13 kms from Gokak Falls) and Saundatti Yellamma (73 kms) are often visited along with the Falls.

How to reach Gokak Falls: The Falls is 622 kms from Bengaluru and 62 kms from Belagavi. Belagavi is the nearest airport and major railway station. Belagavi is well-connected by air, rail and road to rest of Karnataka. From Belagavi taxi can be hired to reach Gokak falls.

Stay: Gokak city, 6 kms away, has budget hotels. Belagavi city has more hotel options.

(Mighty Gotak falls)

(serene vallay)

(Lush Green v/alley)

(Gotak Falls)

(Majestic View)

(Some tourists Enjoying the View)