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Ride to Doraha Mugal Sarai

Ride to Doraha Mugal Sarai

About Sarai :

Mugal Sarai is a historic monument located at Doraha in Ludhiana District. This monument is located at a distance of approximately 22 kms away from Ludhiana city.

Mugal Caravan sarai is a one of the most reknown monument in Ludhiana built by Mughal Emperor Sher Shah Suri. The architecture of this place is quite authentic. The Sarai is built on square enclosed place of approximately 168m of fortification walls with octogonal defender at all four corners. On the southern and northern sides, there are grand gateways in the middle. The eastern and western sides of Sarai have 30 rooms each whereas northern and southern sides have 20 rooms each. The ceilings and walls of these rooms had been painted with bright and lively colours, the traces of which can still be seen. Mugal Sarai is embodied with scenic beauty.

Mugal Sarai is maintained by the Department of Archaeology and protected under Punjab Ancient and Historical Monuments Archaelogical Sites and Remains Act of 1964. Best time to visit would be from October to February. Mugal Sarai is one of the famous monument in Ludhiana and attracts many visitors from Ludhiana and beyond. One can find a dome mounted mosque in the western part of Sarai, which is in ruins in the present time. The mosque still has traces of rich colours with which it was painted. Adjacent to the wall of mosque, there is a single storied structure that is meant for the residence of Mullah.

Mugal Sarai can be visited during timings 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM. The place is secluded and the weather makes it a perfect place for a weekend visit.

Camera Pics :


Doraha Sarai

a misty even n sun set

Back Gate

inside Sarai

some portions are still in good shape

some mandatory Shots

sarai back Door or wall which is collapsed

rooms for mugal army

not very well maintained sarai

renovated door /gate

some shots


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