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Long Ride Essentials : Part-2

Long Ride Essentials : Part-2

Long Ride Essentials : Part-2



A. Knee guard: Save ur knees from injury and blocks the cold wind hitting ur leg- Buy a branded guard, Beware of duplicates wen u buy in karol bagh. B. Elbow guard: If u r not wearing a riding jacket C.Gloves: Summer gloves: 1 pair(Scoyco , Probikers: 500 rs), Winter gloves(Rs250) (which stops wind): 1pair , Woolen liner gloves(150-200 rs): 2 pairs U can buy a polythene hand cover which u get in medical store for 30rs helps you a lot in rain time If not comfortable in winter gloves, Wear a woollen liner and riding gloves (More efficient) *carry extra gloves incase if it get misplaced or lost D.ANKLE BOOTS: DMS boot from civil army canteen(600-800 rs) or Quenchua shoes Carry a light weight extra shoe ( needed very much as a backup) or whichever shoes is comfortable for riding E. Riding Jacket F. Rain Coat: Get it from decathlon, Upper and lower- Helps in stopping cold wind to kiss ur skin G. Balaclava and buff: Prefer cramster , buff or tube (200) have some extra



Beauty is in the dusted jacket and jean, Forget the fashion
1.T SHIRTS: 2 nos full sleeve, Half sleeve t shirt: 1nos ( wen the temp is more)
2. Sweat shirt :1 nos for the rest day and local visit
3.Woolen cap, Scarf
4. Cargo with many pockets: 1 nos, Flexible Jeans : 1nos
5.Thermal inner: 2pairs ( 300 Rs set in civil canteen)
6.Branded Socks : 5 pairs



Driving License, Bike registration, Pollution certificate, Insurance : 2 photostat handy & Orginal inside safely
Keep one spare key inside luggage- Use your original key during trip
1.Clutch cable: Attach it with the bike itself
2. Throttle cable, Clutch lever, Brake Lever
3. Chain link, Spark plug, Fuses
4. Spare tube front & back( Put a new tube & use the old as spare)
5.Engine oil, Brake oil, Chain lubricator
6. Disc brake pad for front & back- Or install a new brake pad before the trip
7.Foot pump, bike tool kit, cutting plyer, small winch, Loose wire, small petrol tube, PPE rope for towing, Puncture kit, Spanners to remove wheel, Lever for removing tyre, Salt paper to remove carbon from plug. ( For an emergency , But prepare bike in advance)
8. Learn to adjust chain tightness, Tunning carburettor, To remove tyre, Changing clutch cable



1. Diamox (AMS), Avomine, Metrogyl, betatine, Disprin, Digene, Band aid, Candid B, Electral, Moov spray or balm, paracetamol, Crepe Bandage, Combiflam ( Consult ur physician and know the purpose of tablet which u have)
Biscuits, Nuts-Almonds, cashew, Peanut, Peanut cake Dry grapes, Any type of chocolates-sneakers and nut chocolates preferred
Gatorade, Blue, Glucose, Try to avoid Red Bull



1. Post paid connection-BSNL more range, Basic model mobile 2. POWER bank 3. Sun glasses, Night vision glasses( if required) 4. Sunsreen lotion, Moisturizer, Olive oil,lip balm,Deodrant 5. Wet tissue paper, Toilet paper 6. Torch light, Safety pin, tooth brush,Paste 7. Lots of polythene bags 8. Mp3 player and usb speaker ( Usable for camp firing) 9. Water bottle or water back pack 10. Bathroom slippers(essential) 11. 5l petrol can-2nos (Based on your tank capacity)

Please Note :For Medicines Please consult with your Doctor First