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Essential list of things to carry for a motorcycle ride to Ladakh Part-1

Essential list of things to carry for a motorcycle ride to Ladakh Part-1

Essential list of things to carry for a motorcycle ride to Ladakh

Motorcycle Essentials


1. OEM Toolkit 2. Spare motorcycle key 3. Spare Chain link 4. Spare Sparkplug 5. Clutch and Accelerator wire 6. Tubeless puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres. 7. Rear tyre tube and tyre irons and valve key for tube type tyres. 8. Foot/electric pump/tyre repair can 9. 500ml engine oil 10. Electrical tape, m-seal and steel wire
Rider Essentials
1. Medical kit which came with motorcycle 2. Diamox and medicines for headache, fever, stomach ache, cold and cough syrup. 3. Sunscreen lotion SPF 30 or better from Lotus Herbal 4. Lip balm 5. Mustard oil 6. Glucon C or D. 7. Water bottles 8. Chocolates, biscuits, almonds, raisins and cashews. 9. Paper soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and toilet paper.

Riding Gear Essentials


1. Full face helmet with clear visor 2. UV Sunglasses 3. Good quality riding gloves or insulated gloves. 4. Riding jacket or air and water resistant insulated jacket. 5. Riding pant 6. Riding shoes or trekking or army boots.
Clothing Essentials
1. Couple of spare pair of jeans or pants. 2. 2-3 shirts/t-shirts and a sweatshirt 3. Monkey cap 4. Warm inner from Neva (upper and lower) 5. 4-5 pair of underwear and inner vests 6. 5-6 pairs of socks 7. 4-5 handkerchiefs, small hand towel and normal towel. 8. Pajama 9. Slippers
Documents and IDs
1. Driving License 2. Original Registration Certificate and an attested photo copy 3. Motorcycle Insurance original and photocopy 4. PUC Certificate 5. Medical Insurance Card 6. PAN/Passport/Voter ID Card. 7. List of important contacts 8. Map and itinerary
Electronic and Electrical
1. Chargers for all the gadgets 2. Spare camera batteries 3. Car charger or battery bank for smartphone 4. 3 socket Belkin power strip 5. Enough memory cards for the trip 6. Torch
Carry enough money for the entire trip; ATMs are only available in Kargil and Leh.
Mobile phone connection
MTNL or BSNL/Air Tell /Jio  Post-Paid Connection with roaming.
How to carry
1. Saddle bag 2. Tank bag 3. Day bag for small outings.

Please Note :For Medicines Please consult with your First