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Do’s and Don’ts for riding motorcycle

Do’s and Don’ts for riding motorcycle

Do’s and Don’ts for riding your motorcycle with confidence

How do I get away the fear of accidents while riding the motorcycle and drive with confidence?

Turn fear into caution.   Fear results in paralysis and makes you a worse rider.   Caution comes from experience, maturity and preparation.   Caution makes you a safer, better rider.  So follow these Do’s and Don’ts to replace fear with caution.

Don’t focus on the road directly in front of you.   Your gaze should be approximately 4-5 car lengths in front of you and should be broken up with glances all around.   These glances should include your mirrors, looking far in front of you and to each side of you.  If you fixate on the road directly in front of you, you will be unable to anticipate any dangerous conditions.  Also, you are likely to become “hypnotized” by the sight of the road quickly passing by you.

Don’t drive slower than traffic.    Driving overly cautious often results in driving slower than the speed of traffic.  Also overly cautious drivers tend to tap their brakes at unpredictable moments, creating a lack of predictability for those drivers around you.  If you don’t feel safe driving at the speed of traffic, you shouldn’t be on that road.

Don’t ride a bike too big or too fast for you to feel comfortable.    Some riders think that a bigger bike will be a safer bike.  Others feel that a faster bike will allow them to avoid dangers.   However, the most dangerous choice is one that you can’t comfortably handle.  A motorcycle that is a weight and size that fits your height, build and strength, will be easiest to handle.

Don’t ride under the influence of ANY drugs or alcohol.   Regardless of the whether you are under the legal limits, alcohol drastically increases the likelihood of being in an accident.  Remember, you’re only on two wheels and have no cage around you.

Do wear proper safety gear.  Regardless of what the law says, a full face helmet, riding gloves, riding boots and full leathers is the smartest riding gear.   This is true, even in warm weather.    If it’s too hot for proper riding gear, it may be too hot to ride.   In the unfortunate case that your body hits the pavement, proper riding gear lessens and avoids many painful and permanent injuries.

Do take a motorcycle safety class before getting on a motorcycle.   This will eliminate a lot of fears.  It gives you the tools for dealing with the roadway, the traffic and any conditions that arise.    If you are a more experienced rider, an advanced riding class is even better.   It will prepare you for any avoidable situation you encounter.

Do ride in less trafficked areas and on less traffic days.   Less traffic means less encounters with cars.  This still leaves dangerous road conditions, animals and debris, however these are easier to anticipate if you are not watching out for other humans in cars.

Do ride in daylight only.    Visibility is increased.  Visibility of you and by you!

To get away from the fear of accidents a balancing act is necessary. You have to master both thinking and instincts at the same time. This way you won’ t be over-thinking your moves on the road,  and you will be thinking about your choices before you get on the bike.