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FOUNDED Oct 2nd 2017

Nomads on Wheels, Motorcycle club founded in 2nd October 2017 is based out in Ludhiana city in Punjab -India. Nomads On Wheels : Motorcycling club was founded by Rev.Rajdeep Singh.

We are Bikers

We are “NOMADIANS” Exploring The Wanderlust Within

Nomands On Wheels

Nomads as its name mean we are group of Musafirs (Ghumakkads) wanderers, vagabonds. As our tag line of club says we are Exploring The Wanderlust Within. It is a group/family of like minded passionate Motorcycling riders of Ludhiana .

FOUNDER : Rajdeep Singh

Rev Rajdeep Singh

Chief / Founder

Rev Rajdeep Singh is the founder of Nomads on wheels riding club Ludhiana as well as he is India’s first Biker Priest(Church Father) popularly known as “PRIEST ON WHEELS”. Rajdeep is riding since two decades & Loves riding , He is a active social worker and a Drugs Addict Survivor and working on various programs on drugs awareness programs to aware the youth by his life transformation testimony and through awareness rallies in city and villages . He is well known & loved personality among riders. He started this Motorcycling Club of Ludhiana  keeping in mind to gather like minded riders who loves motorcycling and exploring new places Rajdeep Singh started this club and since beginning he was aware how this club is going to make a difference. He made it sure that every ride which club will participate or conduct will give a social message or will be linked to social causes. This is what made club NOW stand out of the crowd.

Rajdep who is a Priest (Pastor) by profession & a drug Addiction Survivor is fully committed to his club. He has been featured for his work in various newspapers and news channels, magazines and his life changing story has been featured in many national TV channels like ZEE ,Star TV ,Sony TV etc stc.. . Rajdeep has been to Ladakh numerous times and he has been conducting meetings for amateur bikers who want to ride to Ladakh and seek information on Routes, Riding gears and challenges they might face. Rajdeep is fond of self-cooking thus he always rides along with his camping gear. Rajdeep says he was a drug addict during his teenage and he knows the effects of life, thus he got the idea to initiate rides with a social message. Thus, Rajdeep always calls his club members ‘Responsible Riders’. Rajdeep loves to ride both of his bikes and his favorite place in the mountains is Pangong Lake-Ladakh. Rajdeep is ambitious to ride a world tour in his life on his motorcycle. Rajdeep has been very much appreciated by different NGOs for his humanitarian works during Covid-19 Pandemic. Rajdeep Singh Played important role in Past/Present as Admin & moderators in different Riding club/social platforms Like : Admin Royal Wings (Ludhiana), Ladakh Return, Biking Community of India

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"You can't be SAD while riding a MOTORCYCLE"

"Whoever invented the Motorcycle deserves the thanks of humanity"

"The Bike will Transform anyone who is willing to let it happen"

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